Q        How do I know what plants I’m going to get?

    A        You don’t! However you will know from the pictures, that come up when you use the size drop down boxes, that you will most likely get a feature plant, several medium shrubs,  perhaps framing shrubs or border plants.  These are carefully selected to suit the style and colours of the Ready Garden that you have chosen.


    Q      What if there are plants that I don’t like that I don’t want to have included in my garden package

    A      Please make a note of these plants in the “Comment” section on the cart page and we will make sure that your wishes are honoured.


    Q      My family has allergies, are the plants low allergenic?

    A      There is no guarantee that plants would be allergenic, so it would be wisest to make comments to alert us to this in the “Comment” section.


    Q      I have some favourite plants that I would love to have in my new garden design, can you include my requests?

    A      Where possible we will certainly include your favourites.  However the plants are from our own wholesale plant nursery, so it would depend if we had them readily available.  We also work with satellite specialist growers so we will do our best to locate the plants for you. If we cannot find the plant you request, we will offer an alternative if one is available.

    Be mindful that your favourite plant may not fit into the style or type or size of garden that you have ordered as the plants we have chosen are carefully selected to create a designer garden just for you.


    Q      You sell plant by numbers, do you also tell us what they are? If my friends ask me I would like to sound knowledgeable even though I am a beginner gardener!

    A      Yes, we do tell you the names of the plants, they will appear on the packing slip. You can go to the website www.howjsay.com to even get the pronunciation right! ;)


    Q      My garden doesn’t match the sizes you have available. It is 9 metres long, should I buy an 8 or a 10 metre garden. 

    A      You have a few options here and this is where it can be a lot of fun and very rewarding to create your own DIY designer garden as you get a chance to be creative with your own garden design. Each designer garden we sell has a central feature and grouping of plants that co-ordinate and complement the feature plant.  This is an important aspect of all of the gardens to be aware of. 

    • Purchase an 8 metre garden and then purchase some border plants from the En Masse with Sass Collection to fill the spaces at each end.
    • You could purchase 2 x 4.5 metre gardens.
    • You could purchase 3 x 3 metre gardens.